“Oh where to begin, Klara was a doula but so much more. I remember meeting Klara in the lobby of the Radison Blu hotel in the city centre, just 16 weeks pregnant. I was a ball of emotion as we had just embarked on our journey to move from the United States to Gothenburg. I was so overwhelmed, for a million reasons but when Klara sat down in front of me to talk baby, all was calm. Klara stood with me, cheered me on, laughed, cried and loved me through some of the hardest moments of my life. To say we are thankful would be an understatement!”

Chelsea – 2nd Time Mamma

“After seeking help from all the possible agencies the system could offer, Lori came highly recommended from one of the moms in a Facebook group I am a member in. Faced with a desperate, tired, angry and distraught new mother, Lori was sympathetic yet considering. She was interested in our history and wanted to know everything. It wasn’t hard to make an appointment. She made herself available when it mattered. I trusted her and followed her advice, and by the second week, Colin just magically fed! It was the happiest day of my life. For whatever its worth, I know outcomes can’t be guaranteed, but Lori’s presence during those difficult days wasn’t about a solution as much as it was for having someone who understands and can guide you to do what you can and accept what you can do for your baby. Lori was my miracle. Colin and I will forever be grateful for what she has helped us achieve.”

Marianna, Stockholm

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